Dose the people in the United States & in Afghanistan knows what the Anglo-Saxon’s coalition is doing in Afghanistan?

By: Caucasus Patriot


Since 9/11-2001 & the “New Crusade” as George W. Bush described is ongoing in Afghanistan.

Millions of dollars of the American Tax payers has spent with thousands casualties among the US & later NATO forces, without forgetting mentioning hundred thousand Afghani casualties, but nobody cares about who is being killed there anyway, only “Fallen heroes of the fine American men & women in uniform” who been sent thousands miles away from home to bring “freedom & democracy” & to fight in the global war on terror men in caves who infiltrated CIA, FBI & the American Airports, hijacking planes & hit several targets, just like that…

To be honest, since 2/11, I’ve stopped watching Hollywood movies, especially these action types ones.

Probably I don’t have to explain why?

Today, we’re in 2018, so there is more than a decade since 2001 passed, with Al Qaeda, Nusra Front, Taliban & ISIS all are still existed with reaching new phases of global “Terrorism”.

So, our lunatics in Washington, in knowledgeable or in stupidity did something like messing with wasps nests, so rather than being in certain place in the world, they’re now everywhere without having to further explain & tell, because everyone knows where are we now.

I’ll be very frank to say, that … & this is not a propaganda telling, this fact just like the sun in the sky.

The United State did create all those terrorist entities, intentionally or by “mistake”, to do a certain jobs such as.

  1. Creating new International “Public Enemy” after the collapse of the old one “Communism”.
  2. Building new international conflicts to keep the world active & the weapon trade is rolling, with fortunes, taxpayers’ money goes into pockets of specific entities & individuals far from being exposed to any risk even whatsoever.
  3. Maintain the US sticking its nose in other countries issues & keep involving in others interests.
  4. Creating what Mrs. “Condi” described it as “Creative Chaos” in areas such as the Middle East for very known reasons.
  5. This item is very logical for somebody to systematically to distort the image of the Islamic religion & turn it into a group of ignorant & terrorists, with help of also a very know entities that been slaves to the west for very long time & there existence to this very day would never be possible without being protected by the US.

I’ll not continue, obviously what was mentioned is enough for now to explain everything going in the world today.

My question is to the American “Fine Tax payers”, do you really know what is going on around you & where your money goes & why your children sent to fight in wars that have nothing to bring to the United States except more money some people that away from your interests & dreams & more triangle shape US flags are being sent to houses around the 50 states & the one district.

Trust me when I say this, since the war of Vietnam (move on from Korea war) until this day with more fallen heroes in Afghanistan & soon the American will start receiving their men in Syria in boxes if they didn’t get them out voluntarily.

In Afghanistan, nothing happened with the same is on & on, fight will not ends & the Americans alongside the British did nothing to improve the life in Afghanistan & end this misery at that poor country.

Opium is still planted & shipped to the world; terrorism is on, rebuilding the country & real support to build strong, sovereign government capable of managing the situation in Afghanistan, fighting corruption & funds wasting.

The United States today, reached 21 trillion USD in debt & there leader ship is still losing money in many areas especially in Afghanistan under lousy excuses & arguments and justifications.

I already published an article about the “SIGAR” Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, with a situation is more than awful to explain. (to read the article please click the link below).

Afghanistan … the longest US war after the hell of Vietnam … Where did the reconstruction funds go?

As a small example & this for all who knows what is going one on the ground, just review the following map of Afghanistan to see that since 2001 to 2018, this is the situation in Afghanistan, with no progress of any kind & the people in the United States & in Afghanistan have no clue how much the American role is so noxious & fruitless have spent your money & the blood of your children in bad useless ways to only serve some nasty agendas.

The US government & some of its allies Britain are still on true Anglo-Saxon Crusade in Afghanistan & maintain the chaos in the country to spread it outside the afghan borders to create unrest, chaos & terrorism throughout all central Asian regions with many objectives on their radar, to name few preventing any improvement of any kind in the region & perhaps targeting China & Russia with putting the two nuclear countries in the region India & Pakistan on an area of concern & instability, being close to Iran & trying to infiltrate the former Soviet Union Asian republics.

In these certain times, the whole world reached the level of knowledge & these dirty games are no longer a secret.

No one buy a word that comes from the mouths of US officials, no one in the world deep down inside have a shred of respect to the United States.

The fact & the matter is, that the entire world is putting the United States under the radar, with things that the US that used to do & create in the world reached the level of building an international anger towards everything that is related to the United State due to its well known nasty policies that only turns the world into a some sort of hole, that full of blood with the taste of corruption & doing business with peoples life & those people includes the life of the so called Americans “fallen heroes”.

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