Assad is very close to resolving the battle south of Syria

In the context of the preoccupation of the enemy media in the battle of southern Syria, the Zionist military expert in the newspaper “Maariv” Tal Lev Ram that the Syrian army will regain control in the coming weeks on the border area with the occupied territories in southern Syria.

The article texts reveals: The Israeli officials estimate that Assad is very close to resolving the battle with the armed organizations in southern Syria, in the light of his rapid progress in Daraa governorate.

There is a great chance that a battle will also begin on the Quneitra governorate bordering the border.

Yesterday, a security source referred to the estimates that the Assad army would restore control over the border in the coming weeks.

“If this happens, the UNDOF forces must also return immediately to the positions and bases that they left with the outbreak of war in Syria in the year 2011, according to the “Separation of Forces Law” in 1974.

The security source added: “We will be careful about the details of the agreement on the separation of forces, and on the area of ​​disengagement and additional sectors of the reduction of forces in the Syrian Golan, which determined the number of regular military forces allowed to be stationed at different distances of the border.

Anything beyond the agreement is a goal for us – tanks, soldiers or other means.

It is also clear that surface-to-surface missiles will not be deployed at distances not less than 25 kilometers from the border with us”.

Officials in the security establishment note that an attempt was made by the Syrian regime to reach a settlement that would lead to the defeat of the militants in Quneitra province without the need for a military confrontation.

If these efforts are not fruitful, the assessment in “Israel” is that fighting in the northern Golan Heights, which will be sensitive because of its proximity to the border, will begin in the near future.

The security establishment’s chances are that the Syrian army forces will not enter the area of ​​disengagement and will not violate the agreement to separate the forces, and in the event of such incidents, they will be numbered and have no targets built, otherwise it will lead to a military response to Zionism.

In Daraa, although the battle for the city did not begin, Syrian forces are advancing faster than planned and with relatively weak opposition, which has taken control of the villages and the vicinity of the city.

At least at this stage, and despite concerns, those involved in “Israel” do not notice Iranian forces or forces associated with the Revolutionary Guard or a Hezbollah militia taking part in the fighting bordering on the Golan Heights.

The security establishment takes into account that there may be attempts by such bodies to integrate the Assad forces.

If this happens, then there are isolated cases that do not worry.

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