Former advisor to the head of the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, said that Russia has prepared hundreds of a military unites in eastern Ukraine for a future attack.

“The bad news for us, is that by this stage Russia has already prepared hundreds of new formations in eastern Ukraine, and this means that preparations are underway for a major attack,” MacGregor said on the Judging Freedom channel on YouTube.

According to Colonel MacGregor, the Russian army has been on the defensive for several months and is now ready to launch an attack on the West.

He added, “Nothing can stop them, so why don’t they attack? US administration officials will say they can’t do that, this is ridiculous”.

He continued, “Ukrainians are dying like flies, every time they raise their heads, they die… The Russians are definitely ready to attack”.

Earlier, the Kremlin stated that there are currently no prerequisites for the situation to move to a peaceful direction, and Moscow’s absolute priority is to achieve the goals of the special operation, and at the present time, this can only be achieved through military means.

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