White House: Aid to Ukraine will be cut off after a few months without additional funding from Congress


The White House announced on Tuesday that US aid to Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion will be cut off within a few months unless hardline Republicans agree to a new funding package.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters, “We’re talking here, most likely, about a few months or so”.

“Given the pace at which we are providing assistance, we are probably talking about two months or so,” Kirby said in response to a question about how long Washington would be able to continue supporting Kiev in the current situation with the budget crisis.

Kirby emphasized that the timing depends on the situation on the battlefield, the size of the assistance packages provided, and what Ukraine needs.

Last weekend, the US Congress approved a temporary budget that provides funding for the government for a month and a half.

As a condition for its adoption, appropriations allocated to support Ukraine were excluded from the draft bill.

US President Joe Biden said, after he signed the interim budget, that the United States will continue to support Ukraine.

Biden assured allies on Tuesday that his administration is committed to supporting Ukraine despite resistance among some Republicans in Congress.

Ukraine has received huge financial and military aid from Western countries, led by the United States and other European countries, since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, on February 24, 2022.

Western countries, through the material, military and political support they provide to Kiev, seek to obstruct the goals of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, but Moscow has stressed on more than one occasion that military operations in Donbas won’t stop until all the tasks assigned to it are achieved.

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