Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed during their meeting, last week, in Beijing not to use military force against each other, and not to support armed groups against each other, after a meeting mediated by China.

These details were announced during a press briefing to the Saudi media, on Tuesday, and were confirmed by a Saudi official to CNN.

According to CNN report, the both countries also agreed to return the two ambassadors within two months, which the Saudi official said was a period aimed at proving Iran’s seriousness.

The Saudi official explained to CNN that a bilateral security and defense commitment not to attack with the help of the army, security and intelligence, and not to support any group at the expense of the other.

In the Agreement, a Saudi source revealed that the most important points in the deal with Iran are secret and cannot be disclosed.

The Saudi official confirmed that Saudi Arabia informed its allies, including the United States, before signing the agreement with Iran in Beijing.

John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the US National Security Council, said last week that Saudi officials briefed the White House on the talks as they made progress.

Iran supports the Houthis in Yemen, an armed group that has targeted the kingdom for years, with drones and missiles, in response to Riyadh’s support for the Yemeni government, which it has supported since 2015 through a Saudi-led military coalition.

The United States and other countries have intercepted weapons provided by Iran on their way to the Houthis in Yemen in the past, most recently last January, when 3,000 assault rifles, 578,000 rounds of ammunition, and 23 anti-tank guided missiles were seized in the Gulf of Oman.

In the briefing, the Saudi official said the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, wasn’t discussed during the five-day negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Beijing last week.

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