CNN reported on Monday, that there is intelligence information indicating the intention of Iranian-backed factions to increase their attacks on US forces in the Middle East region.

This comes within the framework of Iran’s effort to benefit from the escalation in tensions in the region as a result of American support for Israel.

American officials confirmed this information, as it should be noted that Iran backed factions have already carried out attacks using drones against US forces in Iraq and Syria.

However, the difference here is that the United States now possesses specific intelligence information indicating that these factions may increase their attacks further in light of the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to a US official in the region expressed deep concern about this development and pointed out that there are red flags indicating that matters are escalating.

Meanwhile, Iran appears to be indirectly encouraging these factions at this stage, offering them reassurances that they won’t be subjected to sanctions if they continue to launch attacks against American or Israeli targets.

John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, confirmed the existence of a direct link between these factions and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and expressed the United States’ deep concern about the possibility of an escalation of attacks in the coming days.

Iran is providing support to a number of factions in different regions of the Middle East through the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

On the other hand, Iran cannot always exercise absolute control over these groups.

Overall, it indicates an intelligence gap regarding the ability of these groups to make independent decisions.

However, there are concerns that Iran is carefully monitoring events and encouraging some individuals to exploit the conflict for their own benefit.

Regarding guidance, a State Department spokesperson said that whether Iran is directing these factions or not, it’s held responsible for their actions.

US officials and their partners are warning Iran against exploiting the status quo, emphasizing that Iranian-affiliated groups must avoid taking advantage of this situation.

It’s expected that any escalation in this context will have serious escalatory consequences.

The information also points to Qatar’s role as a key mediator between the United States, its allies, and Iran in this context.

The general context indicates that Iran is facing strong warnings from the United States and its partners, which reflect serious concern about escalating tensions and possible repercussions.

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