In an audio conference on X, American businessman Elon Musk gave a warning about the possibility of the outbreak of World War III as a result of tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The Wall Street Journal referred to Musk’s statements in which he stressed the need to promote peace in Ukraine and restore relations with Russia.

Musk stressed that the military operations launched by Ukraine against Russia don’t have much benefit and could lead, along with the conflict in the Middle East, to the ignition of a global conflict.

He added that US forces may be powerless in the face of such a dangerous alliance due to their lack of appropriate military and industrial capabilities.

Musk tweeted last October in which he expressed doubts about Ukraine’s ability to win in the event of a large-scale war with Russia, which prompted him to call on the parties concerned to show a spirit of peace and present his vision for resolving the conflict by peaceful means.

His plan includes holding a UN-sponsored referendum in Donbas, recognizing Crimea as an official part of Russia as it was in 1783, ensuring water supplies for Crimea, and maintaining Ukraine’s status as a neutral homeland.

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