Dozens of reserve soldiers in Israel publicly express their astonishment through the media about the location and participation of Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the military efforts against Hamas.

After the Hamas attack on October 7, Israel mobilized more than 300,000 reserve soldiers to participate in the war against Hamas.

However, Yair, who is 32 years old, remains the subject of criticism and questions from other soldiers who see him as having abandoned his patriotic duty, according to critics.

One Israeli reserve soldier, who requested to remain anonymous for security reasons, noted that Yair appears to be enjoying his life on the beaches of Miami and lives as if he were a tourist, while IDF soldiers are fighting on the front lines, which sparks mistrust and anger among the military personnel.

He added, “We’re leaving our jobs, our families, and our children to protect the country, and we feel that we aren’t responsible for this situation… Our brothers, our fathers, and our children all go to the front lines, but we don’t see Yair among us… Why?”

Another IDF reservist preparing to deploy to the southern front of Israel to participate in confronting Hamas, said, “I recently returned from the United States, where I had a job and a family… I cannot leave my country and my people at this difficult time, but where is Yair Netanyahu? Why don’t we see him in Israel? This is a crucial moment for us as Israelis, and we all need him to be here, including the Prime Minister’s son”.

It’s known that Yair Netanyahu previously served in the Israeli Army Spokesperson’s Unit and was working as a social media director for Shurat HaDin, an Israeli NGO that provides legal services to victims of terrorist attacks.

He was also a political activist and supported right-wing forces in the European parliamentary elections.

He launched a right-wing program called “The Yair Netanyahu Program,” which included interviews in English and Hebrew.

The first guest on his program was Brazilian Senator Eduardo Bolsonaro, the former son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Yair deals in a controversial manner and is known for his political extremism and hostility towards his father’s opponents.

He had published provocative and hostile positions in the past, including sharp criticism of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, Herzi Halevy, to the point of accusing him of conspiring against his father.

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