A Bloomberg report indicated that Muslim countries supply Israel with most of its oil needs, which is a quarter of a million barrels per day to fulfill its need.

In return, Iran called on the countries of the Islamic world to impose a ban on oil exports to Israel, on the backdrop of war in Gaza.

The Iranian Foreign Minister called for an immediate and complete ban on Israel by Islamic countries and the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors from their countries.

The report indicates that the oil market is global, which gives Israel great flexibility to confront this measure.

However, the success of this ban will depend on the cooperation of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The report’s data shows that Israel has been importing about 220,000 barrels per day of crude oil since May, most of it from Islamic countries.

It also depends on other sources such as West Africa and Brazil.

However, the Jewish state has other options for obtaining oil if a complete embargo is imposed, where the United States and Brazil were main suppliers.

Oil import terminals operate in the ports of Ashkelon, Haifa, and Eilat ports.

Ashkelon is the main station and imports about 180 thousand barrels per day, however, the port of Ashkelon has been closed due to the Hamas attack on Israel, and the Eilat terminal hasn’t seen imports since 2020.

It’s worth noting that Israel relies less on Middle Eastern producers for its oil supplies.

The recent war in Gaza led to a rise in global oil prices.

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