The Kremlin considered on Tuesday that Vladimir Putin doesn’t face any serious competitor for the presidency of Russia, with the likely elections approaching in March 2024.

Russian media reported that the presidential elections will be held on March 17, noting that the Russian Parliament (Duma) will announce the date in December.

So far, Vladimir Putin, who has been in power for nearly a quarter of a century, hasn’t announced whether he will run for a new term.

In statements to Russian journalists accompanying the president during his visit to China, Peskov stressed that Putin is, of course, the first politician and actor in the state, and added, “In my opinion, and perhaps I don’t have the right to say that… today he has no competitor in Russia, and he will have no competitor”.

The Russian authorities have tightened restrictions on the internal opposition since they began their invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, and some of its figures entered prison or chose exile, in measures that also affected many people who publicly opposed the war.

In 2020, Russia approved a constitutional amendment allowing Putin to hold the presidency for two additional terms after the end of the current term in 2024.

In theory, Putin can continue in office until 2036, when he will be 84 years old.

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