Bloomberg: Türkiye will defeat the SDF without the need for a military operation


Bloomberg agency said that Türkiye has started a new diplomatic movement at the level of foreign ministers with the Syrian regime, and there is a prevailing opinion that Ankara expects victory over the Syria Democratic Forces without resorting to a military operation.

The new Turkish pociy direction towards Damascus might bring an upper hand over the SDF and the Kurds in Northern east Syria, as Türkiye’s policy towards Syria was seemingly put forward by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to rise pressure on the US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), which they will be in a very difficult situation in case relations got improved between Ankara and Damascus.

Türkiye’s direction to normalize relations with the Syrian regime is an attempt to bring peace to the region through its diplomatic relations, strengthening its role in the Middle East, and a message of pressure to Washington, which supports the Kurds PKK, YPG and the Syria Democratic Forces, which classified as terrorist groups by Ankara.

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