Damascus: The possibility of meeting between Syrian and Turkish Foreign Ministers


Diplomatic sources in Damascus revealed that follow-up sources denied the validity of media reports that spoke of an upcoming ministerial meeting that brings together the foreign ministers of the Syria, Russia and Türkiye in Moscow this week.

According to the sources, “There are still no specific dates for holding a meeting between the foreign ministers of Syria and Türkiye, and everything that has been published so far is unfounded”.

It considered that the matter is related to the functioning of the specialized committees that were formed after the tripartite meeting that brought together the defense ministers of Syria, Russia and Türkiye in Moscow at the end of last month, which aims to follow up on ensuring the proper implementation and follow-up of what was agreed upon during the meeting.

The Saudi, London based Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper had quoted sources as saying that the Syrian regime’s foreign minister and his Turkish counterpart will meet, in the presence of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in Moscow, next Wednesday, amid efforts to arrange the participation of Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed in the meeting so that it becomes a quartet.

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