Israel stopped using hotline communication with the Russia that was used to notify the Russian side by the Israelis when they attack targets in Syria to avoid targeting Russian bases in Syria, according to a report by Bloomberg.

An informed source told Bloomberg, that Israel position is no longer informs Russia in Syria in advance of the attacks it carries out on Syrian territory.

Bloomberg indicated that this change in Israeli policy, along with the increase in the number of attacks, exacerbates tensions between Israel and Russia that were already tense.

Bloomberg also indicated that there are fears that Syria will turn into a new front in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and this is the scenario that the United States and its allies in the region are seeking to avoid and work to contain the escalation in tension.

In statements made by the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, she expressed her concern about the ongoing Israeli raids on Syrian territory, and stressed that these attacks greatly complicate the situation.

She pointed out that the exciting US military maneuvers in the eastern Mediterranean region also contribute to destabilizing the situation in the Middle East.

Since Israel declared war on the Gaza Strip after Operation al Aqsa Flood, it has intensified its air strikes on sites in Syria.

These raids also resulted in the disruption of Damascus and Aleppo airports more than once, in addition to targeting military sites in Syria.

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