In a report, Haaretz newspaper suggested that the number of viewers of the Hezbollah Secretary General’s upcoming speech on Friday will exceed the number of viewers of the Spanish Clasico and the English Premier league combined.

Haim Levinson wrote in Haaretz, “Israel and the Middle East region, and I am not exaggerating if I say that the world is at a thorny and extremely complex crossroads, and the coming is open to all accounts… Nasrallah’s speech may be the key to decoding the map of what is coming”.

Levinson pointed to three scenarios for what the Secretary-General would say, not a fourth.

The first is that his speech should be directed to generalities, describing the political and military developments on the field on the southern and northern fronts, and emphasizing that victory will be for the people of Gaza.

This scenario is very unlikely given the extent of the destruction and deaths in the Strip, and the party will lose its credibility.

The second is that the speech should be of a high level, and Nasrallah to sets redlines that if Israel crosses them, Hezbollah will participate or expand the confrontation in the north significantly.

According to Levinson, “I believe that this threat will be directed not only to Israel but also to the United States, clearly… This is the closest scenario to happen”.

The third scenario is the “Armageddon scenario,” which is for Nasrallah to announce in the first minutes of his speech that the missiles are now on their way to Tel Aviv and that al Radwan’s forces are in the Galilee.

Although this scenario is unlikely, the security and military establishment in Israel has been taking this scenario into account for a thousand times, since the announcement of the timing of the speech.

Levinson added, “There is great anxiety and confusion among Netanyahu, who received recommendations from the leaders of the security services to ‘declare the end of military operations’ before the speech”.

Levinson concluded, “Between an expired political leadership, an army that isn’t ready to fight, and a deep internal division, the State of Israel faces today its worst nightmare since its founding, and whether we like it or not, we are waiting for what one man will say on Friday”.

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