An agreement between Damascus and SDF over the oil of Deir Al Zour

The Syrian government has agreed with the Kurdish People Protection Units on the oil swap, extracted from the oil fields of Deir Al Zour, such as Omar oil field with refined diesel, according to Turkish Anadolu news Agency.

The agency said, quoting a source in Deir Al Zour, that the agreement provides that the «SDF» will receive by the Syrian government 75 barrels of diesel on exchange of 100 barrels of crude oil.

the Omar oil field, is one of the largest oil fields in Syria and currently produce about 15 thousand barrels per day, and it’s not fully qualified.

The Omar field became under the control of ISIS until the SDF that mainly include Kurdish fighters took it to their hands, backed by the United States, after the withdrawal of ISIS militant from there in October 2017.

So far there has been no official comment from Damascus on the news of the agreement between the government and the Kurds.

In an interview with RT on Thursday, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad renewed the determination of government forces to regain control over all Syrian areas, including those now controlled by the «Syrian Democratic Forces» SDF, a coalition backed by Washington that mainly are Kurdish Protection unites.

However, Assad stressed that Damascus’ willingness to engage in dialogue with SDF, considering that «the majority of these forces are Syrians and are supposed to love their country and supposedly they don’t want to be a „puppets“ for foreigner powers».

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