Kurds withdraw from Manbij

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units announced yesterday that its leadership has decided to withdraw its military advisers from the northern city of Manbij at the border with Turkey.

The People’s Protection Units said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page that their forces had withdrawn from the city after being freed from the hands of the ISIS militants in August 2016, with the administration of the area handed over to the Manbij Military Council.

The statement said that a group of military trainers from the «People Protection Units» remained in the city at the request of the Council as advisors to provide training assistance, stressing that this came in coordination and consultation with the US-led international coalition.

The statement pointed out that the decision to withdraw these advisers from the city came after the arrival of the «Council of Menbij military» to self-sufficiency in the areas of training, and expressed the readiness of the «People’s Protection Units» to help the «Council» if necessary.

The announcement came a day after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Turkish counterpart Mouloud Jawish Oglu reached a roadmap for Manbij.

The Turkish diplomat said the map was to disarm the «Syrian Democratic Forces» (the largest US ally in the country) «Its backbone) and the withdrawal of its fighters from the border town.

Ankara classifies „people protection units“ as a terrorist organization, saying it is linked to the PKK.

According to the upcoming events seemingly Turkey will look for similar deals in all northern Syria cities that under the Control of US baked SDF.

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