A surprising poll results reveals chocking Biden and Trump’s chances in the upcoming elections


A new opinion poll showed exciting results about the chances of the current US President, Joe Baden, and his rival, Donald Trump, in the elections that are expected to take place next year.

The poll, conducted by NBC news network, revealed that Americans don’t want any of the competing candidates in the elections, Trump and Biden, yet the latter’s chances seem more based on the results of the poll.

About 70% of Americans, including 51% of Democrats, said they don’t want Biden to run for president in 2024, with almost half of those polled citing his age as a main reason, while 38% said they don’t want either man to run for president.

Again, 28% say they want Trump to run but not Biden, and 20% want Biden but not Trump.

And 41% of Republican respondents said they would definitely or likely vote for Biden, compared to 47% who said they would vote for the Republican nominee, Trump.

Trump was the frontrunner in a previous poll, with nearly 70% of GOP primary voters behind him despite his recent arrest and other investigations he faces.

Notably, although some major Democratic-leaning groups do not want Biden to run, they would support him if he did.

For example, 96% said almost unanimously that they would vote for Biden in the general election if he were the Democratic nominee, NBC reported.

It seems that Americans tend to change in the upcoming presidential elections, as a recently published opinion poll showed that they aren’t enthusiastic about the current President Joe Biden, not even for the quarrelsome former President Donald Trump.

The majority of the people surveyed, conducted by the “Harvard Center for American Political Studies” and the “Harris Poll” Center, rejected the possibility of a re-competition between Biden and Trump in the upcoming presidential elections, but the poll found that Trump stands on a stronger basis with his base.

Seven out of 10 people surveyed said Biden should not seek a second term, and 45% indicated that Biden is a bad president, while 30% said, “He is too old”.

While 61% of the respondents said that Trump shouldn’t run again.

Among those surveyed, 36% said it was irregular, a third said it would divide the country, and 30% considered it responsible for the events of January 6.

A majority of those polled said they would consider a moderate independent candidate in 2024, with 60% saying they could support a third person if Biden and Trump end up securing their parties’ nominations.

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