Zelensky urges Iran to reconsider supplying deadly drones to Russia to stop its slide into the dark side of history


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the Iranians on Wednesday to reconsider supplying deadly drones to Russia to stop their slide into the “dark side of history”.

The Iranian-made Shahed drones, which Moscow acquired, played a major role in Russian attacks on cities and infrastructure in Ukraine, but Zelensky said Kiev’s air defenses had become skilled at shooting them down.

“The simple question is… What is your interest in being an accomplice to Russian terrorism?” Zelensky said in his videotaped nightly address.

He added, “What does Iran benefit from such killing? by Russian hands, but with your weapons… Shahed drones, which terrorize Ukraine every night, only mean that the Iranian people slide more and more into the dark side of history”.

Russia has boosted its military cooperation with Iran since it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Tehran initially denied supplying Shahed drones to Moscow, but later said that it had provided it with a small number of such drones before the conflict began.

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