Group Leader that attacked Russia’s borders threatens further incursions into Russian territory


The Russian militia leader that carried out an attack on Russia’s border region this week said on Wednesday that his group would soon launch more incursions into Russian territory.

Denis Kapustin, who said he was the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, spoke to reporters on the Ukrainian side of the border with Russia a day after Moscow said it had defeated an assault in the Belgorod region.

Kiev said the attack was carried out by Russian citizens, describing it as an internal Russian conflict.

Two groups operating in Ukraine, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Russian Freedom Corps, claimed responsibility for the storming.

The Russian military said it had routed the militants who carried out the attack using armored vehicles and that the survivors had turned back into Ukraine.

Kapustin said that two of his fighters were lightly wounded and that the total losses suffered by his forces in the operation were two dead and ten wounded.

Moscow says it has killed more than 70 Ukrainian nationalists.

Kapustin added that his fighters had captured a Russian armored vehicle and an anti-drone gun.

“I think you’ll see us again on this side,” said Kapustin, who introduced himself with a sign that read his name as a White Rex… I can’t detect these things coming, I can’t even detect the direction… The borders are very long… Again there will be a hot spot”.

He received many questions about Western press reports that his militia used US military equipment that was supposed to help Ukraine defend itself against the Russian invasion, but he refused to respond directly.

“I know exactly where I got my weapons… Unfortunately, it’s not from the Western partners,” he said.

He also noted that Russia captured Western military equipment in the Battle of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine and that this equipment could be purchased on the black market.

Kapustin said Ukraine only supports the Russian Volunteer Corps with information, fuel, food and drugs.

“Of course, the Ukrainian army took our wounded, But anything more than that will make things difficult”.

“Every decision we make… Outside the borders of the state is our own… Obviously, we can ask our Ukrainian comrades and friends to help them plan,” he said.

The Russian Volunteer Corps says it is made up of Russians fighting for Ukraine and against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US-based Anti-Defamation League described Kapustin as a “Russian neo-Nazi who has lived in Germany for many years”.

Kapustin said his group is right-wing, but when asked if he was worried about being labeled a Nazi, he said he “didn’t think it was an insult”.

“Our plan for the future is new regions in the Russian Federation, and we will definitely enter them… You have to be patient a little bit, and wait only two days,” Kapustin said.

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