Zakharova: “Surprise and Historical gift” on its way from Russia to UK

The Russian foreign ministry has pledged to present a «big surprise» and a «historical gift» to the British government in response to its «provocations» and using «black tactics» against Russia in the case of Sergey Scrippal.

«What Britain is doing now is nothing more than black propaganda and aggressive propaganda in the world,» Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Sunday in an interview with Russia-1.

Their positions and convince others of their truth through the use of arguments and evidence, and therefore resorted to the use of methods of propaganda and black promotion”.

«All this is a huge provocation, but a huge conspiracy launched by London», Zakharova said.

Zakharova stressed that British officials had completely failed to provide any evidence of their allegations, which was referred to even the British media.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the European Union held special discussions on this subject during its recent summit in Brussels «to save British Prime Minister Theresa May, the repercussions of this huge plot failed», and pointed out that European leaders supported the position of London, «without receiving any Evidence or real argument on the part of Britain».

«This means that the basic task has been carried out, as there is political support for Britain’s statements and what is happening now is nothing but demonizing the image of the country and the Russians».

She noted that the absence of evidence to prove Britain’s positions as well as its quest to create a new enemy is the reason why British officials compared Russia and Nazi Germany.

«We are waiting for Thursday, and I promise you that during the press conference we will present a great historic gift to the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, and other officials.

I hope we will be able to prepare all these materials.

We have a surprise for everyone who has enough rudeness to compare Russia and Nazi Germany or even to identify commonalities between them».

«We have an appropriate response, a gift and a surprise in this regard», Zakharova concluded.
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