Israel suffers the same disease as its neighbors

When a certain person exposed to a disease, there is a high probability that this disease might be infectious.

This is not a medical article!

It is true that in many countries, we’ve doctors who have become heads of their countries, with the fate of their countries, including humans, facilities & animals lay on their shoulders & their failure or success in carrying this responsibility doesn’t necessarily mean their failure or success in their profession & their primary specialty which is medicine in our case.

Watching a lot of sick situations afflicting people & nations is real thing to see in life.

Israel today, not long ago, seems to have begun to enter into this situation.

The prophecy of David Ben-Gurion regarding the State of Israel & its future within its surroundings has been achieved, its hostile environment, which will remain hostile, even if all the rulers of the region bow to it & brought back their prayer «Qiblah» to Jerusalem which has been given by President Donald Trump as a capital of the State of Israel.

The conflict with Zionism is a conflict showed in the Chinese Taijitu symbol, the Black & White conflict, the conflict of Good & Evil, the showdown between Angels & Demons.

Regardless of which side that the two parties represent & who is the Evil & Good between them, it’s an existential conflict, because the one who’s waiting to see Angels as they shake hands & hug with the Demons is mentally ill.

I repeat, I don’t care about which side is the Evil one & who’s Good.

Whoever reads either side is the Villain & who’s the Saint according to his beliefs, only the time & the divine will alone will one day arise who is Evil & who’s good.

Israel today, without a doubt, began to manifest weakness & rustiness clearly shows its entity.

Signs of aging are beginning to appear more clearly, although the possibility of a late adolescence may occur before facing the inevitable fate, as in any human being & human civilization, if It is correct to describe their presence in the region as civilization.

Even their Arab neighbors, which are the enemies, were the masters of the world one day, but let me Arabs readers excuse me to say that, there is no such thing called Arabic civilization, because the Arabic civilization is not absolute Arab, because Islam has included many ethnicities, each of which contributed to strengthening this civilization & even abuse, as the case with the Arabs themselves.

Those who turned away from Islam & called the prophecy in the succession of Abu Bakr were Arabs, who killed Imam Hussein son of Ali bin Abi Talib was an Arab.

Islam is in fact the civilization not Arabism, the same situation among Jews.

The classification of their civilization is linked to Judaism, because there is no such thing as a Jewish nationality, because Judaism it is simply a belief & a divine religion linked to faith in one Creator to this universe & everything in & out of it.

Probably the Jews won’t like what I’m saying, I know that & I don’t care, because it’s a normal thing, to be fair, the Arabs & Muslims are not the best, they are much worse.

Today, Israel is singing the glories and achievements of the past, just as Arabs & Muslims do.

Israel today looking for any achievement that would restore the prestige that was lost & will never be back.

After the 1973 war, the graph of Israel’s power began to decline.

Apart from assessing the outcome of Yom Kippur War & the struggle over who actually won, the reality of today shows that this war was at least the signal of the beginning of the fall.

The achievements of the Six-Day War has faded by days & years came by, despite the fact that still a large part of the occupied land from its neighboring countries remains in Israel’s hands to this day.

See that, I didn’t mention the words of Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Of course, the Circassians, Armenians, Kurds, Turkomans & other ethnic groups that are living in the region fought Israel & lost victims.

How can we say that Israel’s neighbors who fought it are the Arabs alone?
I don’t think that Salman Al-Farsi, Nur Al Din Al Zinki, Salah Al Din, Saif Al Din Qutuz, Baibars, Saif Al Din Qalawun, Muhammad Fatih, Suleiman the Magnificent, Muhammad Ali & others were Arabs!

In order to confirm Israel’s state of weakness, I’ll present some evidence that proves my claim.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, its war strategy has been based on the fact that any war between them and its neighbors must take place on the land of its neighbors.

It is a strategy based on expansion to increase the land area, which reached its peak in the Six Day War, Sinai, Gaza strip, the Golan Heights, the West Bank & Shebaa farms.

In addition, any future war must be quick in other word a kind of blitzkrieg war, with the aim of minimizing human losses, because Israel doesn’t stand suffering large casualties, because the killing of 10,000 of its neighbors, compared to 1,000 of Israel is unacceptable.

The death toll of 1,000 Israelis is catastrophic & for its neighbors, it doesn’t mean a lot the death of 10,000 or even a million.

One of my acquaintances, who participated in Yom Kippur War, told me how an Israeli battalion on the Syrian front was almost wiped out when its members tried to retrieve the bodies of their comrades.

Even if Israel were to protect the land of a 1948 state, more land had to be added to any future war without endangering the territory of 1948.

Today, this option is no longer valid.

The rockets & current situation along with the modern war concept gives attacks inside the territory of the State of Israel have canceled that strategy forever.

The territory of the State of Israel is no longer safe.

After the incident of shooting down Israeli aircraft (no matter who actually did it) the plane was downed by an act, it didn’t fell alone & Israel will not sacrifice even 1% of the pilot life, in order to assume the existence of a hidden agreement which some «brain alcoholics», specifically opponents of the Syrian regime are trying to sell it, just to underestimate what can be described as a long time waited achievement or a simple logical reaction.

I understand the hostility of the opponents of the Syrian regime & their desire to belittle & minimize any action by this regime & its allies against Israel.

But I must remind them that Hezbollah, for example, targeted an Israeli frigate in the July 2006 war & they are fighting alongside the Syrian regime against its opponents.

Was the attack on the frigate also an agreement?

Is the Turkish Marmara vessel that tried to break the siege of Gaza was an agreement between Turkey & Israel?

I understand the Syrian Regime opposition & their mindset, but it’s not logical to exaggerate to such degree, because the way to deal with this method has undoubtedly become a satisfactory condition & I advise those to consult a psychiatrist.

The opposition of the regime & the issue of the conflict with Israel must be separated.

If some people begin to talk that the issue of hostility between Israel & the Syrian regime is a conspiracy, with in reality they are allies, I advise them once again to consult a psychiatrist.

Saddam Hussein targeted Israel with 59 Scud missiles in the second Gulf War in 1991.

Was Saddam Hussein also an Israeli agent?

Israel had good relations with Iran under the Shah of Iran, then it became a hostile state to Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979, is Khomeini an Israeli agent also?

There is no doubt that politics sometimes plays its roles & we may see the intersection of interests in one way or another even between enemies according to the circumstances of some cases, without canceling the issue of hostility between the two sides.

Do the French forget what the Germans did to them today?

Will the Japanese forget what the United States did to them?

How is the relationship between France & Germany today?

How is the relationship between the United States & Japan today?

Of course, the situation here is different because the conflict between these countries was a conflict related to an abstract situation & it’s not right to compare the conflict between Israel & its neighbors & put it in the same box.

Israel’s recent announcement of its targeting of what is believed to be a Syrian nuclear reactor being built in 2007, more than 10 years after the operation, is only an affirmation of Israel’s vulnerability today.

What does it mean to us that after more than 10 years, Israel announced that it targeted what is believed to be a Syrian nuclear reactor?

Did Israel hide its attack on the Iraqi reactor in July 1981 ten years after it took place?

Today, we’re witnessing a massive disease that has begun to affect Israel & all the countries that Israel has fought in the past, today wars, conflicts are affecting them all, whoever that doesn’t mean that they (Israel) are in safe position.

Those who Israel is supporting of extremist fighters in Syria, for example, cannot be trusted by Israel in any way.

I remind those who bet on Israel from Syrian opposition how the fate of the South Lebanon Army was after Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000.

Antoine Lahad’s sentence was: ((We served Israel for 24 years & they abandoned us in 24 hours)).

The opinion of Yitzhak Rabin of the SLA was: ((How can you respect & trust people that serving you against their own people with fact that they know that we occupy their land, you just cannot trust such a justification)).

That Israel’s neighbors have been afflicted with the mournful glories of the past, compare to the sad reality that they are living today; Israel today is also suffering from same thing.

In the days of Ben Gurion, Levy Eshkol & Moshe Dayan, we didn’t hear of trials of officials & heads of government & state in Israel concerning corruption, sexual harassment & receiving bribery.

We haven’t heard of an Israeli official sentenced to imprisonment at the time of Levi Eshkol & Golda Meir, as in our time.

Today, we have Moshe Katsav, Yitzhak Mordechai, Aryeh Deri, Ehud Olmert & others.

Even our friend, the current prime minister, Mr. Bibi, is not far from the list.

If Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion return to life to see who governs Israel today, how will their reaction will be?

I’ll not be surprised if I see trials against Israel’s officials today being carried out in a «Daesh» Style.

The current situation shows us the following:

Those who rule Israel today are corrupt people, just like their neighbors.

The issue of transparency in their trial & the imprisonment of some of them, it doesn’t mean that Israeli society is a healthy society.

Israel today has lost its superiority in the region, since the Israeli Air Force is no longer safe as well.

I remind Israel of Ron Arad… Where is Sgan Aluf Ron Arad?

The rules of the military game in the region have changed.

The State of Israel with its entire borders, 1948 & 1967, is not safe & its nuclear weapon will not protect it.

The Israeli army was targeted

By land:
The sight of the Merkava tank, which is inverted upside down in Lebanon, is proof & in the past the fate of the Centurion which was carbonized & the Sherman that lost its head.

How was the fate of the Barlev line? I ask this question today to President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi!

How was the fate of the Allon line? I ask this question today to President Bashar Al Assad!

By sea: What happened in the war of July 2006 targeting the frigate Saar & before in the past Beit Shiva, Bat Yam & the destroyer ship Eilat.

By Air: What happened recently in Syria & before on the 16th of October 1973 on the Syrian front, to name a few, also where is Ron Arad?

As for intelligence, Well… tell me about it, really!

What is the remaining of that prestige?

It’s not wrong for a person to be modest, it’s not wrong for countries to deal with their true size.

Israel’s strength is not measured by the weakness of its adversaries.

Israel must get used to these facts.

As for Ben Gurion’s prophecy, as he said, ((one day will come to Israel & melt in the environment in which it exists)); it is real in view of the reality of today.

Israel today has corrupt rulers, an army like any army that doesn’t distinguish it, a society that suffers from problems, Young people refuse military service & flee abroad to escape military service, unstable economy, poverty, prostitution, mafia & organized crimes, Radical orthodox Jews who deal with their surrounding society in a same way the Islamic extremists does in some way.

There is no difference, both sides don’t eat pork, but both sides describe the other side as pigs.

Today, we see those who are trying to establish relations with Israel from among their neighbors who themselves suffer from the same diseases.

Israel has been infected by its neighbors & I advise them to stay away from them, because their livelihood may befall them.

It’s ironic that Israel’s neighbors succeed in removing it from existence in a way that never occurred to anyone, simply by Israel becoming like its neighbors.

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