In the face of a deadly crises, Syria is now under a heavy problems, with no solution ahead, five offers that seem contradictory and confusing, waiting to produce a solution based on international consensus, to get the country out of the abyss.

The first of these offers is from the Iranian side, as Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will arrive in Damascus in the coming days, and Iran wants a price from its ally, which it prevented from falling with Russia, represented by (the strategic military position that strengthens its position in the region, access to the Mediterranean Sea, and sovereign concessions), finance in the oil, gas and phosphate fields, projects and communications, and the treatment of Iranians as Syrians.

The second offer is an Arab, as they offer economic support and exemptions from the sanctions of US Caesar Act, a return to the Arab League and the Arab embrace, aid and reconstruction, and these require “stopping the flow of drugs across Jordan’s borders, cooperation to prevent the infiltration of smugglers and terrorists, changing the nature of the relationship with Iran, a political solution, the Constitutional Committee, and guarantees.” return or return of refugees.

The third offer is the Turkish offer, which is represented in a joint operation against the Kurdish “PKK and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units,” cooperation in returning refugees, and action against terrorism.

In return, Ankara offers economic support and financing for reconstruction projects, political contacts, and legitimization of the Syrian regime.

The forth offer is Western, which offers differ from one country to another, but they are related to fighting terrorism, controlling the land related to balance and negotiation with Russia, supporting Israel and its raids against Iran in Syria, small offers related to humanitarian issues, and supporting early recovery projects in the electricity, health and education sectors.

In exchange for providing political facilities and opening consulates in European cities, or for a delegation to visit Damascus.

The fifth offer is from Israel, which is requesting, through Western countries or via Moscow, Iran’s strategic retreat in Syria, and its commitment to the red lines, in exchange for facilitating Damascus’s demands in decision-making corridors and capitals, and accepting the Russian role, the Russian presence, and the Russian decision.

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