Due to high inflation, about one-sixth of Germany’s population today faces major challenges to meet the minimum cost of living.

According to a report by the German news agency (DPA), the social service YouGov conducted a survey at the request of the German bank Postbank, and the results showed that 17.2% of the survey participants are unable to cover their basic expenses due to the rise in commodity prices this year.

The survey was conducted with the participation of 2,059 residents in Germany during the period from September 15 to 18.

According to the report, last year this percentage was only 11%.

In addition, about 28.1% of people surveyed find themselves forced to use part of their income to cover their daily expenses, while another 10% deplete a large portion of their savings to cover daily expenses.

In contrast, 39% of respondents feel that their income is sufficient to withstand rising commodity prices.

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the inflation rate in Germany in August was 6.1% on an annual basis.

Food prices in Germany increased by 9% in August compared to the same month last year, and the prices of energy sources increased by 8.3%.

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