A Russian military source said that Russia has withdrawn the T14 Armata battle tanks from the front line, after they were used in direct attack operations in Ukraine.

According to the US “Military Watch” magazine, the Armata tank has already proven its effectiveness in combat clashes in Ukraine, although it will be improved taking into account the experience of the special military operation, but it has already shown superiority over similar NATO tanks.

The National Interest magazine, said that the Armata tank in its design departed significantly from previous Soviet designs, starting from its body to its long and square tower that resembles the designs of Western tank towers, and it’s distinguished by the presence of seven road wheels instead of six wheels, which was common in previous tanks, and contains an internal toilet so that the crew doesn’t need to get out of the cockpit, is also seen as revolutionary due to its unique design with a self-propelled driverless turret and other unparalleled features.

The Armata battle tank operates automatically, when devoid of human crew and is controlled by artificial intelligence, but it can only fire according to a decision by the crew, and it can aim its weapons at a specific target by itself without human participation, but it can fire only when commanded by a human, and it features an active protection system, including a missile response shield and an automatic aiming system for threatened targets, a stealth design to be less visible on radar and more difficult to target by smart weapons systems, equipped with a 152 mm cannon.

The Armata is automatically loaded, equipped with more than 30 types of ammunition, and is also equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun that fires ammunition remotely, and features a panoramic vision system with a thermal sensor system in the cockpit, and is equipped with a perimeter defense system that can see from all angles.

While its maximum speed reaches 90 kilometers per hour, it is able to detect the target at a range of 5 thousand meters and can attack it at a range of 7 to 8 thousand meters.

According to the Russian military expert Vladimir Igor, “The information available about the T14 Armata may be limited, and there isn’t enough information to evaluate its actual performance on the ground or its ability to confront modern weapons systems and various threats, although the initial information about it is that the gun is self-propelled, which is the one installed on it can confront an enemy with superior technical military strength”.

The Armata tank is characterized by unparalleled protective devices, including “Malakhit” shields that can protect against missiles and anti-tank missiles, and the “Afghanit” dynamic protection system, which is equipped with risk warning radars that send signals to weapons to respond to them.

The Armata tank is also equipped with an engine that produces 1350 horsepower, and it can increase that power by 30% for a short period of time.

It’s also the best tank to be equipped with modern communication devices, a passive protection system, and a 120 mm cannon that fires exploding ammunition in the air above or in front of targets.

According to the Russian military expert Vladimir Igor, the withdrawal of these tanks may come within the framework of 3 scenarios:

  • The first of which is a Russian tactic and deception in the middle of the war.
  • The second might be for improvement purposes, which is a natural matter, especially after Ukraine has become a testing ground for Western weapons and NATO, and Russia is doing the same thing.
  • The third scenario, which is due to a complete system failure, and then it was withdrawn from the battlefield.

However, the Russian military expert suggests the second scenario, because it’s more realistic reason.

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