Despite the announcement of US President Donald Trump, the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria, but stressed that some of them remain in Syria in order to “protect” the oil fields.

US forces control the most important oil and gas fields in eastern Syria, and the US Department of Defense confirmed earlier that it planned to strengthen its military presence in northeastern Syria, in order to prevent terrorists of the Islamic State and obviously any other side from access to oil fields, He explained that Washington is considering how to transfer troops in this region to strengthen the protection of oil, although US President Donald Trump announced months ago that the Islamic State had been eliminated.

Moscow has responded to US President Donald Trump’s remarks about keeping US troops in Syria to guard the oil. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that Russia doesn’t intend to cooperate with the United States on the issue of securing oil production areas in northern Syria.

“We’re convinced that it is the Syrian people who should manage their natural resources, including oil”, Vershinin said.

The Syrian sources, reported the launch of the United States, work to establish two new military bases in eastern Syria, coinciding with the continuation of the process of withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that the Russian Federation is ready to facilitate negotiations between the Kurds and Damascus on the accession of Kurdish units from the “SDF” to the Syrian army.

Political analysts explains, that obviously the US goal of keeping troops in Syrian oil fields confirms that, all they want is to control Syrian oil.

Donald Trump says he loves oil and has secured oil.

All under the slogans of freedom Democracy and human rights, but the words of Trump will increase the meat of the Syrian people with some of it, especially between the Syrian government and the democratic forces of Syria in order to address those who want to plunder the country’s wealth.

Riad Dirar, the joint chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, said: “The American presence came with the aim of fighting ISIS, and the coordination between the Americans and the SDF forces to fight the terrorist organization ISIS, behave as you want”.

“Any understandings between the Syrian people and their government can stop the interventions in Syria, and we have to talk realistically that at the time when the US forces were in Syria, Turkey could not be on the border”, he added.

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