Number of EU Statistical Office Number of crimes in different countries in the EU.

As the Bureau noted, from 2011 to 2017, the number of burglaries in the EU decreased by 24%.

However, the number of attacks in Europe in 2017 exceeded one million.

Belgium has been recognized as the most dangerous country in the European Union, with the highest number of crimes recorded.

In particular, 167 incidents were recorded per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017.

France was in second place with an index of 150 crimes for the same number of people, and Spain ranked third (144).

England, Wales (132) and Portugal (115) were included.

The lowest crime rates were recorded in Slovakia and Hungary (9 crimes each), as well as in Romania – 16, Estonia and the Czech Republic – 15 each, in Cyprus – 14 and in Slovenia – 12.

The highest murder rate was recorded in Latvia – 5.6. Lithuania in second place – 4.0.

The third place went to Estonia – 2.2.

The smallest number of such incidents were recorded in Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Italy and Austria, according to a statement on the Eurostat website.

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