Washington: Russia stirs up strife by publishing an audio recording of German army commanders


The US government on Monday accused Russia of trying to sow mistrust between Ukraine and its Western allies by publishing online an intercepted call between senior German air force officers about the war.

Russia’s leak last Friday of the 38-minute conversation between senior military personnel was a great embarrassment to Berlin, which described the recording as part of the “information war” waged by Moscow.

The official spokesman for the National Security Council in the White House, John Kirby, commented on the national security violation against one of Washington’s closest allies, noting that Moscow is trying to “sow discord”.

Kirby said: “This is a bold attempt and a transparent attempt by the Russians to try to sow discord and try to show division and try to make it seem as if the West is not united”.

Kirby added that Russia is also trying to make it seem as if German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government isn’t “unified on what it does” for Kiev.

The officers can be heard on the phone call discussing the possibility of sending German long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Kiev, a move that Scholz has strongly rejected in public for months.

According to the officers, the rapid delivery and deployment of the Taurus missiles will only be possible with the direct participation of German forces.

They say deployment under Ukrainian command only would be possible, but the necessary training for Ukrainian soldiers would likely take months.

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