The US ambassador in Germany warned that his country could impose sanctions on companies associated with the project “Nord Stream 2” to transport gas from Russia, according to the Embassy of Washington in Berlin on Sunday.

A spokesman of the US embassy in Berlin told AFP that Ambassador Richard Grenell sent a letter to several companies “to remind that any company operating in the Russian energy export sector is in danger under the Anti US-Enemies Act through sanctions” adopted in 2017 and targets Iran, Russia and North Korea .

The spokesman said that the message of Grenell, close to US President Donald Trump, “is not intended to be a threat, but a clear message on the policy of the United States”.

“The only thing that can be considered blackmail on this issue is the Kremlin’s ability to pressure using gas supplies in the future”, he said.

Construction work has already begun on the Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which is expected to double the potential of the existing pipeline across the Baltic Sea.

The project involved companies such as Winter shall, Uniber, the German-British Anglo-Dutch Shell, Engy, OMV and the Russian group Gazprom.

The Nord Stream 2, along with the planned Black Sea pipeline project, will end the need to transport natural gas to Europe via Ukraine, depriving the country of a factor protecting it from Russian aggression, Grenell said.

The two countries are embroiled in a dispute over the eastern part of Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea in 2014.

“Companies that support pipeline construction are actually undermining the security of Ukraine and Europe directly”, he wrote.

Several countries in eastern Europe, including Poland, share the United States’ concern over the pipeline, while the European Parliament passed a resolution last month condemning its construction.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel, backed by France and Austria, has so far insisted the project is “purely economic” and aims to ensure cheaper and more reliable gas supplies.

The adviser, who played a key role in the Russian-Ukrainian peace talks, stressed that the interests of Kiev would be reserved as some Russian gas would be transported across the country immediately after Operation Nord Stream II.

German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas on the line of argument said last week that “Europe must make decisions about its energy policy, not the United States”.

He was also criticized by the left-wing opposition party, accusing him of acting as “governor of Germany of an emperor in Washington”.

He urged the government to summon him to rebuke him.

German media reports that the ruling elite in Germany are trying to avoid the American ambassador to Berlin, Richard Greenell, so he is in political isolation because of his attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of the country.

The newspaper “Bild am Sonntag”, said that the insolence reached the US ambassador in particular to send a letter to German companies warning them of the possibility of sanctions by Washington for its support to build the pipeline “Nord Stream -2” Which will transport blue fuel from Russia to Europe via Germany.

The ambassadors of the United States in Germany always occupied a special place among diplomats, and they had close and distinct relations with representatives of the Office of the Federal Chancellor and important ministries in Germany, where German politicians have always responded positively to their calls.

For example, in 2012, the former US ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy, organized a reconciliation meeting between two rivals of the Christian Democratic Union, led by Helmut Kohl and then Angela Merkel.

When Murphy left the Federal Republic of Germany, because of the large number of “friends” he had to rent the Olympic Stadium in Berlin for a farewell party, Der Spiegel wrote.

But his successor, the current ambassador, has a reputation so different that former German Social Democrat Martin Schulz described this American diplomat as a “colonial officer” on the day he took office due to his demand that German companies reduce their activities in Iran.

“In Berlin, this ambassador turned into someone who was not desirable to many people.

Officials in the Authority are avoiding him and closing their doors in front of him.

“According to her, the “few” on the left of the alternative of Germany and the Christian Social Union only want to meet him, and even Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps him at a distance.

Der Spiegel said that against the backdrop of the scandal raised by the reporter of the Class Reliotius, Greenell blamed the anti-American sentiments.

It was alleged that the journalists did not bother to consider some of the issues demanded by the US Embassy.

However, the newspaper said it had tried the Greenville conversation since the beginning of December, but that has not happened yet.

Many German politicians, diplomats and businessmen describe Greenell as “a man who does not tolerate criticism and suffers from narcissism”.

According to Der Spiegel magazine, he has no idea about Germany and Europe.

“The Bundestag deputies, if the American diplomat insists on meeting them, try to keep him and conduct him outside the walls of the Bundestag, and if that happens, the press is usually not invited”, Der Spiegel concludes.

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