Saudi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al Assaf announced Thursday that the Saudi embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus will be formally inaugurated next Thursday.

According to the correspondent of the Saudi site that the opening will be at 1:30 pm (local time).

For his part, a Saudi official expressed his country’s intention to reopen its embassy in the Syrian capital, explaining that he has not yet appointed an ambassador.

He also pointed out that a Saudi official statement will be issued on Wednesday before the opening of the day in this regard at 4 pm local time of the Kingdom.

The Syrian government has welcomed any Arab move towards the return of embassies to the capital Damascus and activates its work again, after years of the closure of a number of Arab embassies in Damascus at the start of the Syrian crisis.

Both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have announced the return of their flights to Damascus.

Earlier, Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir made a surprise visit to Damascus where he met with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and held talks with him on developments in the situation in Syria and the region.

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