Washington agrees to sell Chinook helicopters to Berlin in a deal worth of $8 billion


The United States agreed in principle to sell 60 of CH-47F heavy-lift Chinook helicopters to Germany, according to the Washington-based Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which oversees military supply deals.

The US Congress, which must be consulted, was informed on Thursday, and the notification stated that the maximum price is $8.5 billion to complete the order.

Chinooks are heavy-duty helicopters for the rapid airlift of vehicles, personnel and supplies, and are used by the defense forces of more than 20 countries.

The CH-47, which entered service with the US Army in 1962, is easily recognizable by its distinctive banana shape and two main propellers. It can load more than 11 tons or carry up to 55 passengers.

According to the agreement, the first Chinook helicopters could be supplied to the German Bundeswehr by 2027.

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