US impose sanctions on two Turkish-backed Syrian National Army factions as Turkish drones targeted foreign commanders loyal to US army in eastern Syria


The US Treasury announced the imposition of sanctions on the two factions of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army, due to human rights violations.

The factions are, the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” and the “Hamza Division”.

The US treasury said that the sanctions target the “Hamza Division” and the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” and three members of the leadership structures of the two factions, who are called “Ali Muhammad al Jassem “Abu Amsha,” the leader of the “Suleiman Shah Division,” and “Saif Bolad Abu Bakr,” the leader of the “Hamza Division” and the leader of the “Ahrar al Sharqiya” faction.

The two factions are responsible for committing gross human rights violations against the Syrian people, or are complicit in them, or participate directly or indirectly, noting that the Afrin region largely controlled by a mixture of armed groups, many of which use violence to control on the movement of goods and people in their territory.

The US treasury pointed out that these armed groups have increased the suffering caused by the years of war in northern Syria, and impeded the recovery of the region by engaging in gross human rights violations against the population.

Meanwhile, gunmen loyal to the US army were killed, in continuous air strikes by Turkish drones along the Syrian-Turkish border, including leaders of foreign nationalities.

Local sources in the countryside of Aleppo, northern Syria reported that a Turkish drone attacked last Friday, a car belongs to the SDF, in the countryside of the cities of Nubl and Zahraa, northern Aleppo.

The Turkish drone attack resulted killing two foreign commanders and wounding others.

According to the local Syrian sources, those who wounded are in a serious condition, as they were taken to hospital for treatment, after a security cordon was imposed on the location of the attack.

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