Survey: Germans don’t have much faith in democracy anymore


A survey was conducted in Germany, which revealed the decline of confidence in Democracy among the Germans.

According to the survey conducted by Germany – Körber Foundation, published last week, specialized in social and public affairs studies, the Germans’ confidence in democracy is constantly declining, and their trust in the political parties in the country has fallen to a very steep level, as many Germans believe that their political leaders and the media live in their own world from which they look down on citizens.

The survey, took place in Hamburg, northern Germany, where German citizens’ confidence in democracy is declining very quickly while about a third of those surveyed in 2021 stated that their confidence in German democracy had declined or that they had limited confidence in it, 54% of those surveyed this summer supported this statement.

The loss of trust between Germans and political parties was even more tragic, as 29% of those surveyed in 2020 stated that they trust parties, while the percentage decreased to 20% in 2021, and it has decreased to a low level now and is only 9%.

The survey was conducted by Körber Foundation, last June-July, under the title of “Policy Matters”, as they gathered opinion of more than 1100 people.

About 90% of those surveyed stated that it is important for them to live in freedom and equality before the law and it’s also important for them to have the right to freedom of expression and free elections.

However, at the same time, 71% of them stated that leaders in political circles and the media live in their own world from which they look down on the rest of the citizens.

The Survey revealed that 86% of Germans hoped to be more involved when making important decisions.

This desire was expressed by 93% of them, particularly with regard to the localities, and 91% expressed it with regard to the states

These results means that Germans’ confidence in democracy and their faith of the countries’ institutions is on a downward path.

This is for sure, a worrying alarm in addition to the current economic concerns, which Germans are experiencing.

Germany which is considered the biggest economy in Europe and the backbone of the EU, has witnessed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a severe economic difficulties, while the focus of the German government went through give it all to Ukraine to confront Russia on the expense of the welfare of the Germans who stated to realize the dilemma that is starting to grow in Germany, and in multiple sectors.

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