Senior Pentagon officials announced that Major General James F. Glynn, from US Marine, had returned to the United States from his trip to Israel last week.

During their visit to Israel, Glynn and several others US military advisors led efforts to provide insights learned from the United States’ experiences in its military campaigns in Syria and Iraq, with the aim of benefiting from them in the current context of the conflict in Gaza and escalating tensions.

James Glynn is an expert in urban warfare and successfully led several violent skirmishes in the city of Fallujah between US forces and Iraqi fighters, which he, and because of his tactics and methods, he earned the nickname “Butcher of Fallujah” in Iraq.

Regarding the latest developments in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, US Marine Corps Commander Eric Smith said in Washington on Friday, “There should be no confusion… What is happening in Gaza is certainly a purely Israeli decision, and we have no planned intervention with them in this context”.

The advisory role provided by US military commanders in Israel has been described as a “professional military exchange”.

The Israeli army announced on Thursday that US experts with experience in the Iraq wars had arrived in Israel to share that experience before launching an expected ground attack on the Gaza Strip.

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