Western media reported that, according to classified documents, the United States objectives in Ukraine range from implementing NATO protocols and standards to privatizing banks.

According to what is called “the US comprehensive strategy document” which is the secret part of documents that are available for public, (three times larger than the publicly available version published by the US State Department) and contains much more details about US objectives in Ukraine, from privatizing its banks to helping schools learn the English language to the Ukrainian army adopt the NATO protocols.

The form and content of Ukrainian military documents must reflect NATO terminology.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “Ukraine will be invited to the alliance by a unanimous decision of all members and on the condition that all conditions are met,” however he didn’t mention any time frame for such a possible invitation, and stressed that the accession procedures do not stipulate a time frame.

On the other hand, Moscow indicated that the West is working to lure Kiev into NATO, explaining that Moscow is closely monitoring the situation and mentioning that Kiev’s orientation towards the alliance is one of the reasons for Russia starting a special operation in Ukraine.

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