US Chief of Staff: There are three superpowers in the world at the present time


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Mark Milley, announced that there are three superpowers in the world at the present time, referring to the United States, Russia and China.

During the graduation ceremony at the National Defense University, Milley said, “In the era of the Cold War, there were two superpowers… After the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was a period when the United States remained the only superpower”.

Milley continued, “Today we are in a multipolar situation with no fewer than three superpowers, namely the United States, Russia, and China”.

He pointed out that many other countries occupy leading positions in various regions and openly aspire to the leading role in the world.

Milley expressed his conviction that “China seeks confrontation with the United States and with its neighbors,” noting that China “intends to dominate the Asian region” during the next ten years, according to Milley, and to increase military capabilities that will exceed American capabilities by the middle of the current century.

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