Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation from Parliament after receiving a report about the party scandal he held at 10 Downing Street at the time of the outbreak of the Corona virus, known as the “Party Gate” scandal.

This report, issued by the British Parliament’s Privileges Committee, aimed at finding the truth regarding whether Johnson misled parliament about holding parties in breach of lockdown restrictions in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson has accused a House of Commons inquiry into the issue of trying to oust him from his position as a member of parliament.

A statement issued by the former British Prime Minister in this regard stated that they haven’t yet provided any evidence that I misled the House of Commons intentionally or in a reckless manner.

On Friday, Johnson received a copy of the report, which hasn’t yet been published, and which he claimed was full of inaccurate information and reeking of bias.

Evidence presented to the Privileges Committee in March included Johnson admitting to misleading Parliament, but denies doing so intentionally.

The former prime minister said social distancing wasn’t optimal at gatherings in Downing Street during the lockdown.

However, he said they were essential business gatherings which he allowed to take place during the pandemic.

He insisted that the rules, as he understood them, were followed all the time.

While announcing he was stepping down from his position as a member of the House of Commons, the former British prime minister issued a lengthy statement on Friday evening in which he said, “I didn’t lie, I think they know that”.

Boris Johnson condemned the commission, describing what happened as a “sham court”, claiming that its aim from the outset was to “convict him regardless of the facts”.

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