Two US officials so far has resigned in the US State Department due to the Biden administration’s bias towards Israel


A new official in the US State Department submitted her resignation, joining Josh Paul, Director of the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs, who submitted his resignation earlier.

Paul had submitted his resignation in objection to Washington’s handling of the situation in Gaza, which are the same reasons that prompted Lara Friedman to resign as well.

Friedman is president of the Middle East Peace Foundation, which helps guide US policies related to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Josh Paul had justified his resignation by his inability to continue working in light of the increasing military support provided by Washington to Israel, considering that the White House’s reaction depended on what he described as intellectual bankruptcy.

It’s noteworthy that the US political analyst and former journalist at Fox News, Tucker Carlson, warned that the United States would lose any war in the Middle East if Russia, China, and Türkiye joined in

“The risks are far greater than many Americans realize, as it’s easy to imagine several other countries being drawn into the conflict between Israel and Hamas,” Carlson said.

On Wednesday, Paul announced his resignation because he is no longer able to support the US administration’s pro-Israel position.

This came in a letter posted by Paul on social media.

Josh Paul was Director General of the “Arms Supply to Allies and Partners” at the US States Department.

He explained in the letter that he was aware that he would face some ethical dilemmas when he started working in the department in question, noting that he had made ethical concessions during his 11-year tenure in office.

He added that more lethal weapons had been transferred to Israel than he could mention.

He said, “We cannot be against the occupation and support it at the same time,” indicating that the US policy of supporting Israel has caused great harm to Israelis and Palestinians alike.

He stressed that blind support for one side doesn’t benefit either side, pointing out that the United States is repeating its previous mistakes.

“I no longer want to be a part of this,” he added, announcing his resignation from the position he held for 11 years.

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