Turks are in third place in the list of asylum seekers in Germany


A European report revealed that the Turks rank third among those who fled their country, after the Syrians and Afghans.

According to the Asylum Report issued in September 2022 by the European Union Statistics Office (Eurostat), a total of 89,590 people applied for asylum in EU countries in September.

The number of asylum seekers applying to EU countries for the first time reached 62.8%, compared to September last year by 15% compared to August.

According to Eurostat, in September 2022, the group that applied for asylum was more Syrians. In September 2022, a total of 14,930 Syrians applied for asylum in the European Union for the first time.

Most of the refugees in Europe come after the Syrians as follows: Afghans (11 thousand 955), Turks (5 thousand 220), Indians (4 thousand 530) and Venezuelans (4 thousand 520).

According to the report, Germany has become the country with the highest number of asylum applications since the beginning of 2022.

In September 2022, Germany received 21 percent of all applications (18,715). Followed by Austria (15 thousand 490, 17%), France (13 thousand 500, 15%), Spain (11 thousand, 12%) and Italy (7 thousand 920, 9%).

These five countries account for three-quarters of first-time asylum seekers in the EU.

The Syrians were the group that took refuge in Germany the most. Between January 2022 and November 2022, a total of 60,295 Syrians requested asylum in Germany.

From Afghanistan, 31,160 people went to Germany in 11 months.

The third group that took refuge in Germany were the Turks.

Between January and November 2022, 19,620 Turkish citizens have requested asylum in Germany.

In 2022, Germany was the country where Turks sought asylum the most.

From January 2022 to September 2022, 11,605 Turkish citizens applied for asylum in Germany for the first time, 40% of Turkish orders were to Germany.

After Germany, the country in which Turkish citizens sought asylum the most was France.

Between January and September 2022, 6,545 Turkish citizens requested asylum in France for the first time.

After France, the preferred state arrangement was as follows: two thousand and 865 for Austria 2 thousand 855 for Switzerland, to the Netherlands a 980, 1150 for Belgium and 1120 for Croatia.

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