Turkish forces are conducting patrols on the M4 road and units searching the area for mines


According to the developments in northern Syria and the accelerating political developments that accompany them are still gaining attention and anticipation, as attention is focused on the field, especially since any developments that may occur will necessarily reveal the results of the ongoing security talks on the Damascus-Ankara line.

According to sources in Northern Syrian, units of the Turkish army had repositioned themselves at one of the points under their control on the M4 international road.

The Turkish move came within the framework of routine exchange operations carried out by the Turkish forces at the area which is the largest base of the Turkish Army in the area.

Sources pointed out that these recent activities are important development through conducting a patrol on the M4 internationa road from the town of Saraqib towards the town of Jisr al Shughour, with the participation of engineering units specialized in clearing mines and explosives, as these units combed the road and set up new guards, which indicates a Turkish desire to Zone insurance.

The Turkish step in securing the road to the ongoing security talks between Damascus and Ankara, and the possibility that the Turkish forces would hand over the road to the Syrian government, according to the results of the talks that culminated in the tripartite meeting between the defense ministers of Syria, Russia and Türkiye, and led to the formation of follow-up committees to ensure the implementation of what is being agreed upon.

The outcomes of the tripartite meeting held in Moscow concluded with Türkiye’s agreement to fully withdraw from the Syrian territories in the north, in addition to Ankara’s affirmation of respect for the sovereignty and integrity of Syrian territories.

They also discussed the implementation of the agreement concluded in 2020 regarding the opening of the M4 international road.

Syrian political experts believes that the successive Turkish moves towards the factions that support and reject any understanding with Damascus, the latest of which was what happened recently at the Syrian-Turkish Bab al Hawa crossing in northern Idlib, where a meeting took place between a Turkish intelligence officer and a leader in Hayat Tahrir al Sham, in an attempt by Ankara to persuade HTS to change its position, which was announced by the leader of the its terrorist classified group Abu Muhammad al Julani, who described what is happening as a dangerous deviation.

The Turkish Anadolu news Agency quoted Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar as saying, prior to his participation in the meeting of the parliamentary bloc of the ruling Justice and Development Party, at the parliament headquarters in Ankara, that it’s possible to conduct joint patrols between his country’s forces and Russia in northern Syria.

Akar said: “It’s possible for the Turkish Armed forces to develop and expand joint Turkish-Russian patrols in northern Syria, based on direct talks with the Syrian side”.

With regard to the tripartite meeting hosted by Moscow, which included Akar, the chief of the Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan and their counterparts in Syria and Russia.

Akar stressed out that Türkiye isn’t taking steps that would harm our Syrian brothers, referring to the Syrian opposition who are in the Turkish territory.

Akar stressed Turkey’s respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of neighboring countries, particularly Syria and Iraq.

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