Türkiye: Racism against Arabs has cost Turkish economy losses in billions of dollars in a very short period


The Turkish media recently shed a spotlight on the escalating racism against Arabs in Türkiye, which climaxed recently with several incident occurred, has so far cost the country about $1 billion in losses.

The racist incitement carried out by people and parties against the Arabs has caused a heavy blow to the Turkish economy in the past two months.

Meanwhile the Turkish government measures related to combating illegal immigration also negatively affected the economic movement.

In Türkiye there are 15 sectors, led by textile, health, construction, export, and tourism, were negatively affected by racism.

According to sources, many companies that were working to export their products to Arab countries, their exports were affected and declined due to anti-Arab racism.

Some economical analytics even went to say that some Arab capital operating in Türkiye began to think of leaving and abandoning any investment in the country.

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