On Tuesday, the Turkish media announced that the security services managed to dismantle a network affiliated with the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) in Istanbul, and arrested 11 of its members.

Reports published by several newspapers, including “Akşam”, “Sabah” and “Habertürk” channel, indicate that the detainees aren’t Israelis, but foreign citizens recruited by the Mossad.

The network followed up and monitored a company and 23 individuals with commercial relations with Iran.

Reports indicated that Mossad officials were initially able to communicate with the leader of the network, who is called Selçuk Küçük Kaya, and met him in a European country, after which he began receiving special training in a foreign country in preparation for the start of the tracking process.

Kaya and his men began collecting information such as entry and exit records from Türkiye for foreign officials and their families, wiretapped phone calls, monitored bank accounts and assets, and reported it to the Mossad.

In the end, the network leader decided to send a threat packet, the content of which wasn’t specified, to the address of one of the monitored targets.

According to the report, this led to the arrest of Kaya and 10 members of the spy network, while a security operation is underway to arrest four others who are still at large.

This isn’t the first time that Türkiye has announced the dismantling of spy networks working for the Mossad, in recent years.

In October 2021, Türkiye announced the arrest of a network of 16 people, which sent pictures taken with cameras installed inside glasses to the Israeli Mossad.

At the time, Ankara said that the spying network targeted foreign nationals, including Palestinians, Syrians, and civil society organizations in Türkiye for the benefit of the Mossad in exchange for sums of money.

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