Russia has moved its latest nuclear submarine equipped with ballistic missiles towards the Pacific Ocean and announce shooting down a Ukrainian helicopter


The Russian Navy’s newest nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine will move to a permanent base on the Kamchatka Peninsula in August, amid efforts by Moscow to boost its military presence in the Pacific Ocean.

The submarine Generalissimo Suvorov, which entered service at the end of 2022, carries up to 16 Russian Bulava missiles with nuclear warheads.

The Russian state TASS news agency quoted a source close to the army administration as saying that the submarine will undergo an internal transition from the Northern Fleet in the Arctic to the Pacific Fleet in August.

Russia is working to strengthen its defenses in its vast eastern regions bordering Asia and the Pacific, where it accuses the United States of expanding its presence, which raises security concerns in Japan and throughout the region.

The Russian submarine is the sixth Borei-class of the smallest and most stealthy submarines.

They will replace the country’s previous ballistic missile submarines.

On another subject, the Russian forces announced shooting down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter in Lozovaya, Kharkov, with the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system.

In the same context, the TASS news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying on Wednesday, that Russia will achieve all its goals in Ukraine, either through its own military operation or through other means.

Peskov told TASS, in response to a question about whether Russia would consider the possibility of freezing the conflict that Russia only takes into account the completion of its own military operation, ensuring its interests and achieving its goals through either the special military operation or any other available means.

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