Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, on Wednesday, that Türkiye today has become much stronger than it was a century ago, whether politically, economically or militarily.

In his speech during the special ceremony held at the Presidential Complex in the capital, Ankara, on the occasion of the Victory Day corresponding to August 30 of each year.

Türkiye commemorates the 101st anniversary of the victory over the Allied forces and the Greek forces on August 30, 1922, which is a national holiday in the country and the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

Erdogan said, “The Turkish Republic today is much stronger than it was a quarter of a century, half a century, or a century ago, whether politically, economically, or militarily”.

He stressed that Türkiye, which is the address for resolving crises in its region, which has eliminated threats to its security and prosperity, and shared its strength with its friends, will continue to rise.

He added, “We’ll advance step by step towards our goals with our nation that is aware of what is going on in the world and knows the true potential of Türkiye”.

Erdogan confirmed that his country hasn’t and won’t allow anyone to harm the achievements that are the product of the dreams of the country and the people for centuries.

Erdogan vowed that Türkiye would become among the 10 most powerful and prosperous countries in the world.

He added, “The era of those who used to absorb the energy of this country and the people for years and show their cowardice and weakness as state policy has ended”.

He continued, “We’re now a country advancing towards establishing the century of Türkiye, relying on the vision of its government, the strength of its state, and the wisdom and insight of its people”.

The ceremony witnessed the display of congratulatory messages on the Victory Day for the military units operating in Libya, Kosovo, Qatar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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