Reports says that Turkish intelligence (MiT) dismantled an active Israeli Mossad cell in consisting of 15 people in Turkish territory.

The Mossad cell was well trained to spy on military industries, as well as to collect information about some Arab dissidents residing in Turkiye.

According to journalist report the cell is made up of Turks and Arabs, including two spies, “Muhammad Faili” and Abdullah Falah.

The Turkish intelligence caught the spies, as they are tracking down an Egyptian opposition journalist and an Egyptian doctor works in a medical center in Fatih, Istanbul.

They also monitor an Egyptian citizen working in an exchange office in Fatih Aksaray, and monitor an association called “White Hands”.

According to investigation sources, Priyanchi Patel Kulhari, who is the director of the Tel Aviv-based spyware company, Cyberintelligence International Private Ltd, has been in constant contact with the spies in Istanbul, and is the supervisor and director of hacking the phones of the targeted persons with the spyware.

It was reported that the Mossad spies, “Syrians and Lebanese who were caught in the spy cell, were very professional, and they successfully passed five stages of training and carried out a spying operation for the Mossad, specifically in the southern suburb of Beirut known as “Harat Huraik”, which is the stronghold of Hezbollah and the Shiite community in Beirut, which the third floor of the building was inhabited by military and political figures affiliated with Hezbollah”.

The sources added that the network was behind the theft of the phone of the Jordanian “Hisham Younes Yahya Qafisheh, the owner of the Turkey-based “Trend Geo” company.

They also stole a computer and documents from his residence in Başakşehir area, bearing in mind that Hisham was imposed by the United States on charges of financing Hamas.

Turkish intelligence information indicates that the Mossad has developed very complex methods to avoid its spies falling into the hands of the Turkish intelligence service, but it didn’t succeed in escaping from the grip of Ibrahim Kalin, the new Turkish intelligence director.

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