As protects and riot continues in France… many French seems to have enjoying looting goods from Brands stores


In the midst of the violence cycle and chaos that France has been witnessing for days, against the backdrop of the killing of a teenager by the French police.

Media footage took photos of rioters looting brand stores, one of them belongs to a girl succeeded in stealing the limelight from thousands of angry protesters in the streets of Paris and several French cities a few days ago.

The girl was seen in the picture running outside a Zara store in Paris, after she managed to steal and loot a large collection of clothes that she had apparently been dreaming of for a long time in order to obtain them.

When she tried to escape away and before she was caught red-handed, the thief couldn’t stop herself from laughing for some reason, which many suggested was laughing at her way of escaping.

Those who were near the thief were also seen laughing at her, as if they were encouraging her to run away before she was caught.

Shopkeepers in France are counting the cost of the riots that has engulfed the country since the death of 17-year-old Nael at a police traffic stop last Tuesday.

The French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire said at least 12 shopping malls, 200 large retailers, 250 tobacconists, 250 bank branches and many fashion, sportswear and fast food stores have been looted or burned since Tuesday.

During the past five days, large stores have been robbed and looted, most notably: Zara, Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton.

Protesters looted millions worth of items from high-end designer stores and smashed windows at an Apple store in Paris, France.

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