Turkey confirmed Sunday evening that its forces would resist the Syrian army if it entered northeastern Syria shortly after Syrian state television announced the army’s move to counter the Turkish military operation against Kurdish factions in that region.

“The Syrian army, which has not yet been able to fight the terrorist organization (YPG) which seeks to divide Syrian territory and build a separate state, is preparing to fight the Turkish army”, Yassin Aktay, an adviser to Turkish President Yusuf Aktay, told Sputnik.

He pointed out the possibility of clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies, adding, “If the Syrian army tries to resist what Turkey is doing in northeastern Syria and stand in front of it, it is possible that clashes between the two armies”.

“If the Syrian army can bring security and security in northeastern Syria, why wait until now?

Why are they trying to enter northeastern Syria after the Turkish army enters it?

“The Syrian army does not have the strength and has nothing to do in northeastern Syria.

If they enter northeastern Syria, who will fight there?

Will they resist against US forces or against the PKK / YPG entity?

Or against Turkey?

They have to think before going to the area and complicating things there”.

Regarding the news about the SDF agreement with the Syrian government to hand over some areas, including Ain Al Arab and Manbij, to the Syrian army, Aktay said, “If this news is true, then the Syrian government will cooperate with the YPG and turn a blind eye to them”, an indicator of enmity against Turkey”.

“Turkey will not accept the YPG and PKK presence in northeastern Syria and the city of Manbij, because these organizations are establishing their presence in the region with the support of the United States”, Aktay said.

“We want to know the dimensions of solidarity among them and how far they will reach”.

On October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of a military operation in the north of Syria, under the name of “spring of peace”.

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