Trump’s arrest news raises unrest as the US security services consider Stormy Daniels case as threat to national security


On Saturday, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, described the news of the arrest of former US President Donald Trump next week as political revenge.

He announced Federal funds were being used for politically motivated trials.

“Here we go again, an outrageous abuse of power by the extremist Attorney General, who allows violent criminals to escape while seeking political revenge against President Trump,” the Speaker of the US House of Representatives wrote on Twitter

McCarthy’s comment came in response to reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is preparing to file an indictment over alleged payments Trump made to pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels while he was a presidential candidate in 2016.

McCarthy added: “I am instructing the committees Relevant to immediately investigate whether federal funds are being used to undermine our democracy through election interference, through politically motivated prosecutions”.

The Former US President Donald Trump, who is competing in the 2024 US presidential election, announced on Saturday, that he would be arrested on March 21, and called on his supporters to protest.

US media reported that Trump’s possible arrest is related to alleged illegal payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels in 2016 in order to prevent her from revealing her alleged sexual relationship with him in 2006.

This comes, after more than 6 years of allegations involving Trump’s lawyer paid Daniels money to keep the case under wraps, as New York prosecutors are currently considering whether the former US president should face charges.

In his post on Truth Social, Trump claims that the Manhattan district attorney’s office will arrest him on Tuesday over the charges, and if the accusations against Trump are proven true, he will become the first former president to face criminal charges.

The US security services are intensifying their meetings and security assessments, fearing that supporters of former US President Donald Trump will rush to threaten the country’s security, following the issuance of a court ruling against him in the case of the Stormy Daniels is alive, may prevent him from running for president of the United States of America again, similar to what happened in the Capitol.

According to identical US media reports, the security agencies, including the New York Police Department, officers of the New York State Court, the US Secret Service, and the Joint Task Force to Combat Insect.

The FBI’s Rehab and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office assess the security situation and possible security plans in the area surrounding the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York in the event Trump is charged in the Stormy Daniels case and appears in court.

The US President forged papers and invoices indicating that Trump’s representatives paid $ 130,000 to the porn movie star, Stephanie Clifford (known by her pseudonym Stormy Daniels) during his 2016 election campaign in exchange for silence about Trump’s relationship with her dating back to 2006, but Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted to making the aforementioned payments to the ABBA star. Alive by order of Trump.

He confirmed that the payments were hidden by forging financial statements and passing them off as lawyer fees.

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