Iran: The time has come to resolve the differences and problems in the region


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia could be the driving force behind achieving stability for the benefit of the entire region.

“The announcement of the resumption of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be considered one of the most important events of the current Iranian year in the neighboring region,” Kanaani said.

He added, “This agreement, which was reached with the hosting and assistance of China following the past efforts and endeavors of the Republic of Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman, will play an important role in the rapprochement and development of regional cooperation”.

He continued: “Given the bitter experiences and consequences of many years of misunderstanding, crises, instability and devastating wars in the region, which were mainly the result of devastating foreign interventions, the time has come to resolve existing differences and problems, for the benefit of the countries of the region, through dialogue and mutual respect, and good neighborliness… Numerous experiences have shown that diplomacy can be used even in crisis situations, which heralds a stable region with brighter horizons and greater prosperity for future generations”.

Kanaani added: “The interest of the Islamic world and the Islamic nation depends on the convergence and cooperation of Islamic countries, the unification of their members and their convergence on the origins and foundations of the Islamic religion, and the avoidance of division and conflict between followers of Islamic sects… Therefore, the Iranian-Saudi agreement to resume relations between them, if they care and focus on the interests of the Islamic nation, can create a basis for a new direction and an increasing role in serving the interests of the countries and peoples of the region.

He said: “During the history of our region that is full of pain and suffering, foreign intruders, who are characterized by the nature of arrogance and colonialism, have exploited the differences, contradictions and misunderstandings between the real owners of the region in order to satisfy their unilateral interests without taking into account morals and human standards in their policy that always aims for profit and control”.

He added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the security, stability and development of neighboring countries to be part of its development and Security stability is an integrated concept and an integral part of neighboring countries”.

And he continued: “In light of the circumstances of the decline in the position of the West, especially the United States, in the system of power and global order, and the importance of regionalism in increasing stability and securing the collective interests of neighbors, the Iranian-Saudi agreement had the potential to be the driving force behind achieving a stable region for the benefit of Islamic countries in the region”.

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