Trump: I want death in Ukraine to stop and I will do it within 24 hours


The former US President Donald Trump refused Wednesday to say whether he wants Ukraine or Russia to win the war.

Trump said on CNN, in front of a live audience in New Hampshire, “I don’t think in terms of winning and losing… I think in terms of settling the matter”.

“I want it to stop… the death,” Trump, who opposes Republican politics supporting Kiev, added… They are dying… Russians and Ukrainians… I want them not to die, and I will”.

Trump continued, “I’ll do it within 24 hours… I will… You need the power of the presidency to do that”.

Trump stressed that he could stop the war that began in February of last year by negotiating directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I’ll meet Putin, and I will meet Zelensky… Both have weaknesses and both have strengths, and Within 24 hours, that war will be settled and it will end”.

Trump declined to say whether he believes Putin is a war criminal for alleged atrocities in Ukraine.

“If it’s said that he is a war criminal, it will be very difficult to reach an agreement to stop this thing,” Trump declared.

He continued, “If he’s classified as a war criminal, people will catch him and execute him, and he will fight with more force than he would fight under other circumstances… This is something that should be discussed at a later time”.

Trump also said he believed that Putin made a mistake by invading Ukraine.

Trump explained, “It was his mistake to enter into Ukraine… he wouldn’t be going there if I were president”.

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