Trump dismisses the Secretary of State and apoints the first ever Woman Director for the CIA

US President Donald Trump announced the removal of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from office and appointing former CIA director Mike Pompeo as his successor.

Trump twitted today that «Mike Pompio, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will become our new secretary of State».

«Thank you, Rex Tillerson for his performance»>!

Trump also said that Gina Haspel, who served as Pompeo’s deputy in the CIA, will become a new director of the Central Intelligence Agency to be the first woman to take this position.

The President concluded by saying: «I congratulate everyone»!

The announcement of the dismissal of Tillerson, who assumed the post of US Secretary of State from February 1, 2017, after receiving media reports that he made his first tour of African countries one day to return to Washington.

Tillerson canceled all his appointments on the second day of his official visit to Kenya because of a health problem.

The American media reported several months ago that Trump had intended to dismiss his foreign minister, and informed sources said that the reason for this step is due to differences between them on a number of urgent international files, including the case of North Korea, but the US administration denied then The insistence of these reports.

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